i was going to write a post of pleas to my fellow human beings so that we might live more harmoniously together. and then i received this sandwich delivered to me at my absolute favorite so. philly cafe by one of the 2 co-owners. it’s a simple combo: egg and tomato on toasted multigrain. but check out the artfully placed tufts of basil on top.

the sandwich arrived with a light aroma that is characteristic of basil, the magic herb — shredded, julienned, ground up, or incorporated whole: always a slightly different effect. and as a garnish these basil leaves tell me two things: a) the owners of this cafe have instilled an ethos of dignity in all aspects of their spot, from friendly but not intrusive banter when you place an order to the marrying of order with patron, such an important but all too often moment of exchange — where one’s commitment to a cafe is really nurtured and grown. that is, am i just an onerous interruption to your texting or inter-cafe conversations? or am i to you, like you are to me, a potential source of human connection — that which we seek regularly, but that we eschew in our hurried ways; and b) that a cafe is truly ripe with stories and inspiration and possibilities and i need to get cracking on my ‘overheard at the cafe’ series — still not sure of the medium, but it needs to have dialogue, characters, and settings — the perfect sabbatical ‘side’ project.

so i am left with this question: how can i garnish someone else’s life today, in the way that the tufts of basil enhanced mine?

(and not to worry, peeves and annoyances post to surface soon)

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