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i love the ‘girl on a sink’ postcard — it’s one i picked up somewhere over ten years ago and after holding onto it and enjoying it every time i accidentally came upon it, i just popped in the mail to a new little friend who i met earlier this summer. this friend, it should be noted, is a sassy six-year-old named g___ who seems to embody sassiness with just the right amount of adorable indignation. to say that i enjoy her and my interactions with her thoroughly and immensely is an understatement. she is the daughter of a friend of my mother’s, but perhaps more significantly she reminds me of myself: impatient with everyone around her and in a hurry to grow up, not necessarily to be a grown up but rather to be in a position to take charge of her own life. or at least actualize the potential that has building up in the form of imagination, ideas, possibilities — the proverbial kinetic energy awaits ignition.

so i sent her a little package that included a filled out postcard and a journal very similar to one that my friend gave me once. i was unable to attend dinner at her house this evening — her house where my mom is staying while she visits the east coast — because i was attending a friend’s wedding reception (where, incidentally, i had to keep my trap shut when someone at my table declared with the kind of conviction only people who are completely wrong about something seem to possess, that it is “war and peace” that begins with the iconic line, “all happy families are alike. every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” i was engaged in conversation with another guest and could not find a polite way to correct this grave error; to scream, actually, that the lines comes from anna karenina! there is no need for one to know this, but if you are going to make claims about famous first lines, at least know of which you speak or make no claims at all. especially when talking about my beloved anna). in my note i invited g___ to write back to me. i often look back fondly on all of my correspondence, and i am intrigued to see whether this invitation will yield a response, and if so what format that response will take. i shall report back.

for now, simply, this is my garnish for the day.

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