a perfect day

– woke up, a few downward facing dogs to get my blood pumping.

– cup of not-too-bad instant java. write-up for a grant followed up with a conversation that re-energized me about the current research project followed by some more grant-related writing – to get more $ for ongoing fieldwork – that reminded me of yesterday’s grocery shopping trip with three boys, one of whom has never sounded more enthusiastic than when he talked about prepping and cooking for today’s barbecue.

– a zumba class! with my fearless dancing friend and led by a fun, sassy instructor, in midtown on a floor with a fab view of the city; followed by tea with a side of lovely and generative conversation with the same friend about writing, the work, the hows and whys and whos of the work — the type of chat that always leaves me feeling enriched and joyful.

– a simply fantastic afternoon with my brother and sister sitting on the grass in central park as ball players threw balls dangerously close to our spot thereby adding to the “will it, won’t it” anticipation; eating a snack, and waxing poetic and philosophic about why and how we do what we do, where we find ourselves and where we want to be going, the knowledge we make and that which we seek, time spent engaging with the worlds within which of us lives and moves and recognizing glimpses of familiarity across them; wondering aloud about family quirks, characters, traditions, and outliers; and laughing, a lot. one of my favorite moments in nyc, and just in general.

– running into this singing, guitar playing, harmonica-ing, drummer (w/a drumstick tied to his knee) boy: gregory morgan. with a full complement of pint-sized back-up dancers and occasional/spontaneous tambourinists. – my version of the “spanglish” sandwich for dinner.

– ended the day with a bit of fabulous new chocolate seen below — dark chocolate to boot. pure love.

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2 Responses to a perfect day

  1. Lovely to find a blog with pace like this. Lots of energy. Glad you had a good day.

  2. sabonseine says:

    Thanks so much! Gave me an excuse to check out your rich-with-narratives blog — just fab.

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