ideas that leap off the page (literally)

is this what writing should do? words that work their way into our conscious and subconscious minds, connect with existing ideas to form new ones, take on a life of their own within and then beyond the page, beyond the written word into actions, practices, and new senses of self and others?

a friend posted this video to facebook and i have watched it a few times within the past 10 minutes, each time filled with more of a sense of urgency to get some of the words that are in my head onto the screen and on their way to publication — namely the stories (of teachers and programs and kids!) — so that ideas can beget actions can beget change. this is a tall order, i know. bordering on a touch of hubris to even suggest that words written in a cafe in south philly can find their way into the hands, ereaders, and heads of one or more someones who might be making decisions about kids and teachers. but why else take the time to write a book? or make a film? based on

but filmmakers, writers, researchers, teachers, activists — is this is not what they/we hope for? that our work in the world does not end with the immediate moment, even as each moment is itself significant — and that the desire to create something that others are a/effected by is, in fact, a truth of the work.

a nifty video, nonetheless. maybe i should spend the year learning how to animate and talk to people that way. and if bill keller has his way, we’ll all just stop writing books altogether!

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