words, Words, WORDS!

i just spent the last hour flitting from blog to blog to twitter account to facebook page and back — all publicly available spaces of relative strangers whose writing drew me in and gave me pause: in a world where there are already so many words that have been formed, and so many still forming, what moves us to keep putting still more words out there? (yes, these are the procrastination-insecurities that prevent the words of my book from finding their way onto the computer screen… i hope that if i keep reading, the paralysis will transform into an inspired flow of narrative and analysis. i hope.)

in the meantime, here’s a sampling of some lovely spots i’ve just journeyed to and back:

DanielleJ.Me’s twitter feed – including links to pix of murals around philly, courtesy of the mural arts program

Thoughts from the Chronicle about bringing summer practices into your fall routine

Kate Shrewsday’s poignant thoughts on punchlines

A post from the SuperSerious Literature site on Novels with pictures them

Spiderwrite’s Sebaldian musings – including a tip about a recently published novel by teju cole that i promptly sampled via my ipad kindle app — in fact, i’m off to read it now!

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