fruits of walking

upon arriving somewhere, for a conference, a writing retreat, or vacation, one of the first things i do is take in the city or town on foot. on a recent visit to new orleans, i discovered two new coffee shops in this way, which for me is like winning the proverbial jackpot. so, as a way of re-orienting myself to the city to which i have been connected for the better part of two decades — albeit less so in recent years as my dual-city pre-tenure life necessitated a hole-in-the-ground existence in my “work” city — i wandered through the city streets with as much naivete as possible. that is, i didn’t have a predetermined destination (as i usually do when im tooling around my town) so i literally walked where the wind took me and on this past tuesday, it brought me to the base of the ben franklin bridge that connects philadelphia with camden, nj. naturally, i walked to the starting point near 5th and race and began my walk to the garden state. apparently, as i learned later that evening, this was not the best decision*, but my ignorance allowed for temporary bliss as i made my way to the camden side in just under 20 minutes. the snaps below were taken along this bridge walk.

and apparently i’m not the only one who has done and documented this walk. check out:

the day was made even more memorable with a matinee screening of the film beginners… i’ll have more to say about that later. but for now, here’s the trailer

i had occasion to see christopher plummer play opposite brian dennehy in a recent (ok, fours ago) performance of “inherit the wind” and there must have been something in the water i was drinking when i first watch the sound of music because i simply cannot dislike a plummerified flick or play. his is a face that has aged with grace, and a voice that lingers in the mind long after you hear it… needless to say, i thoroughly enjoyed this one, too, and ewan mcgregor and melanie laurent provide two more reasons to indulge in this not-too-sweet and poignant act of storytelling.

golosa chocolate bar and dessert cafe

and i ended my walk back near the start with the discovery of a new chocolate cafe located in a magical triangle of new cafe-type spots that have crept up since i last paid attention to the area.

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