so manly!

a morning coffee — flat, white coffee, that is, or what we would call an au lait or what starbucks insists on calling a misto — a blueberry muffin, a ferry, impossibly blue skies, steady motion of the tasman ocean, cliff views, friendly locals, that special blend of cool breezes and gently warming sun, a hidden cove with water the color of sapphires/peacocks/jade/unripe figs, steady calls from piping shrieks and other wild things. these are the makings of a profoundly awe-some moment in which one simultaneously laughs aloud, gives thanks, and flashes back several decades thinking, like the most famous maria, that “somewhere in my youth or childhood, i must have done something…” — but not just “i” but all the “i”s that came before, and those who helped them and on whose shoulders i must be standing in order to spend a day like this (longer slide show following two photos of my new favorite spot on earth: spring cove in manly)*

spring cove
magical, tucked away spring cove on manly

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*and even more tassie & oz pics here (captions to be added when i don’t have a city standing before me, waiting to make my acquaintance!)

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