a sunday

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

George Eliot’s words are the most resplendent celebration of autumn I have come across — of someone truly in love, a commitment, a bond between soul mates.

Yesterday, a Sunday in autumn, was worthy of such a quote:

– a steaming mug of blackberry sage tea sweetened with honey early in the morning
– morning radio with talk of this and that made another round of autumn “spring-cleaning” almost joyous (necessary chore before the next delicious bit)
– by mid-morning, my ipad and i had taken up residence on two sided sofa in a local coffee shop and spent two cups of coffee slowly taking in a few more chapters of open city. the arrangement of the words demand the reader attend to the relationship between them, to the spaces in between that are not defined, and to the many moments we might dismiss or overlook that are patiently sculpted with description and memory…
– a quick stop in the supermarket to pick up a treat for later
– a 3 mile walk under mostly baby blue skies, atmosphere laughing with the wind, people with unwittingly smiles on their faces, walking west on a street that i sometimes forget to remember. i never noticed that church before and when did the gas station become an apartment building?
– tennis on the new courts built as part of a large sports complex expansion at my alma mater with a fellow relic from said alma mater
– 3 mile walk home. didn’t we almost buy that carriage house? dodged a bullet — whew! how much redder can that garage door be, not quite blood red, which is always more maroon than i’m prepared for, but candy apple tempered with a hint of burnt sienna — RED! yes, they are bringing that play to philly, although i’m not sure i’d be able to watch anyone else play rothko; molina was stellar.
– tacos for dinner that were the height of perfection, followed by a mug (ok, 2) of decaf chai and a small slice of apple pie (hello autumn!)
– a few more chapters of “open city”
– sweet slumber on a cool fall night

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