Where do we put our words that have nowhere to go? Sometimes we let them fly, either via speech or through the (too?) numerous other outlets we have readily available at our disposable — many of them instantaneous in delivery when wait time may be the prudent course. I remember one incident during graduate school when a friend of mine, out of love for me and in a protective move, had written a note of encouragement intended for my eyes only but that found it’s way to the person who was being obliquely maligned in the note. Of course, this unintentional blunder found its way back to me and I took two lessons to heart: the need to develop artful re-framing skills and the related art of silence; some causes of frustration, like fires, are best fought with a deprivation of oxygen.

But some things cry out for an audience, any audience. One such outlet might be Unsendable.com — 17 pages of letters, notes, missives of unrequited love, anger, hurt, whimsy, and more at have been collected and curated into an ongoing collection that I can’t stop reading. That human beings hurt — become hurt and hurt one another — is not surprising, but encountering yet another account of hurt never ceases to have a sobering effect. (I’m fighting the urge to break out into a bad impression of Michael Stipe from my seated position at the local tea cafe, so instead I’ll just point out that he and his ex-bandmates were right: “Everybody Hurts.”) And in the spirit if full disclosure I will admit that a few did make me laugh…

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  1. 30somethingandbreakingup says:

    Interesting website, thanks for posting.

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