nanowrimo – day 1

11.1.11 — a deliciously prime number, a basket of binaries, and the start of nanowrimo.

today’s word count: 1832. not bad. not quite my goal of 2,000 words, but not bad.

and in other news: a few of those pesky todos were nicely wiped off my plate. deadlines and live humans waiting on the other end help to turn “todos” into “already dones” — most of the time. with this novel experiment [insert groan at pun] my motivation seems to be coming from a place of curiosity more than anything: can i do this? can i make myself write a chunk of text every day? every day for 30 days? in some ways, this brand of curiosity is also steeped in the sentiment that this, too — however tortuous, frustrating, or onerous — is temporary and self-inflicted; i am my own judge and jury. this is perhaps even more motivating than the peer pressure i alluded to earlier and perhaps even more effecting than the various machinations of external pressures brought on by a social apparatus like tenure. even still, the power of audience — both known and unknown — is profound and is perhaps what the proverbial “we” mean when we talk about “positive peer pressure.”


so now, at the end of day one, i am physically tired, mentally drained, but don’t feel that i’m at a loss for words. this is a good thing. and just for good measure, i’ll read a bit from “the elegance of the hedgehog” so that even in slumber my mind can aspire to coherent thought and fantastical lyricism.

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