11 little goals for 11.11.11

1) Pumpkin pancakes – make and consume
2) Cross 11,000 word threshold for nanowrimo novel
3) Declutter corner shelf
4) Watch “Bonjour Tristesse” — in french (this may be too surreal)
5) Spend 11 minutes on 11 different machines at the gym – though there may not be that many different machines. Weights count!
6) Take 11 photos of a single corner in Philly for a round of “Guess where?”
7) Call mom – talk for exactly 11 minutes.
8) Write down the first line on the 11th page of all the books I’m currently reading. (Yes, I’ll share)
9) Do a round of 11 degrees of Kevin Bacon – no more, no less.
10) Talk to 11 different people (this will be hard; Hellos count!)
11) Get through 11 songs on Pandora without skipping (a test of will and patience.)

And what are some of yours for what mashable calls “Nerd New Year“, hmmmm? 🙂

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