philly in photos

a few snaps taken during autumn walks through philly. im posting them even though i should just hang it up after checking out whatipic‘s site — wow.

tin ceiling and book selections, the book trader

inside the book trader, in old city

cloudy afternoon, looking south

scaffolding makes for excellent mathemagic

nearby neighborhood sculpture

carousel ice cream shoppe, now for sale

cloudy afternoon, looking north

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4 Responses to philly in photos

  1. I live near Philly recognize the row homes and especially the book trader!

    • sabonseine says:

      love the book trader! and sometimes i have to remember to stop and enjoy the rowhomes. not a ubiquitous landscape — taking pictures helps to slow down a bit. btw, really enjoy your pix — and the blog name. excellent 🙂

  2. enw says:

    what an awesome post. you know i like “mathemagic”! and old bookstores. i happened upon shakespeare and co in paris. scary place but definitely magical. and holding itself up without regard to laws of physics and math–i fully expected the ceiling/walls to collapse and to then be buried in books, new and old. not a bad way to go.

    • sabonseine says:

      thought i had responded, if only to say how much i, too, love shakespeare and co! in its rickety splendor. ah, can’t wait to visit it in person and say hello, old friend…

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