fantastic 72 hours

goals are good. so are moments of reflection, readjustment, repose. the last 72 hours contained particularly choice moments including:

– a dialogue bordering on debate in french class about the pros and cons of different educational systems — specifically between French and American systems — wherein the former sets one on a path to a profession early in life and in the latter there is a greater sense of possibility or (near-constant) reinvention. sure, these are gross generalizations, and certainly notions of structure and agency and access and resources come into play, as does perspective and point of view, but this is not the point. what is, you ask? We had a debate in French class! not just reviewing the homework for the day or discussing our weekends, all of which I fully and absolutely enjoy. but we were talking about topics within my wheelhouse and i didn’t feel like a bumbling idiot in the process. (and true confession: yes, the dialogue may have been sparked in part by questions of “why” and “how come” posed by yours truly as we pondered the various meanings of conges — paid vacation — and musing aloud about possible correlations between governmental time allotted to maternity and other forms of leave and quality of childhood and family life.) mervilleuse!

– this leads to a second point involving a certain actor whose interview on “the actors studio” i recently watched who shared wise words about language learning and expression and place in the world thereby not only providing thoughts for continued rumination but also reaffirms my belief that i have excellent taste in celebrity crushes:

Anyone who has tried to speak another language will find… if you’re limited in that language, (you) will find that you end up saying what you can rather than what you really want to say. And you start to circumnavigate the real thing. So who then are you in relation to the world?
(my emphasis)

– this weekend, i wrote upwards of 7,000 words as part of my nanowrimo experience. that’s the good news. ridiculous given the weeks/months/years a few hundred words can sometimes drag on for. (we’ll not dwell on the fact that i’m only halfway finished with the 50K goal and, um, there are only 48 hours left. holy something…

– followed an aroma that led me into the welcoming doors of a little corner of [insert edenic/paradise-like reference here] called cookie confidential. in addition to cupcake “push pops” they also sell cupcakes in a jar — singles and doubles — and participate in an excellent recycling program: bring back your jar (so they may reuse it) and you get a free cookie!

– remembered this painting that my lovely friend O — always at the ready with a painting or image that is apropos of current and imagined dialogue — originally shared with me and some other colleagues last spring during a conversation about art and life and teaching and being. stumbled onto it in an unrelated email search and found myself really seeing it as if for the first time despite several other previous viewings. i think before i only saw the colors, the lips, the fiery yellow feather-like image in the center. this time, i see other people, the pinks come through more clearly, relaxation, and more.  et voila:

The Laugh -- by Umberto Buccioni

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