a world seen, a world heard

just one of several (of millions) photos that tell the story of this past year — as documented in buzzfeed’s 45 most powerful images of 2011.

Christians protect Muslims during prayer in Cairo, Egypt. -- Source: @NevineZaki

as other collections of images come past my inbox or twitter feed, i’ll share them as well. i am also eagerly awaiting this year’s pop music remix — another take on a single year. in stark contrast to the arresting impact of the above image and the others in the 45-list are the yearly pop music remixes by dj earworm. my favorite is the 2009 remix.

completely different than the effect of, say, a song first heard at one age or in a particular year that comes to have new meanings upon subsequent rehearings. a relatively recent find are the songs of annette hanshaw to which i was introduced through my viewing of the curiously entertaining mixed media film, sita sings the blues. (i offer no other commentary on the film other than recommending a viewing; works even if you don’t happen to be familiar with the hindu epic, the ramayana.) here’s one of my hanshaw favorites as included in the film:

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