in the land of afternoon tea

a short post for now as eyes beg for slumber to combat extreme jet lag.

i’m having a hemingway moment. out of body and at home at the same time. i slept a total of 15 minutes on the six and half hour plane ride across the pond and barely stayed awake on the tube ride into town. but after planes, trains, and automobiles behind me, i walked into the tiny efficiency that will be my home for the next few months. the woman who is renting the place wasn’t kidding: 225 square feet. not a spare square inch anywhere. the living room is also the bedroom and kitchen; i’ve lived in tight spaces before, but nothing like this — far smaller than any of my previous abodes — and yet it feels full of possibility. i hope this feeling remains when the 16x14x10 brown cardboard box of book and notebooks (filled with field notes and musings of all types from the past six years) that i shipped over arrives later this week. yes, it’s time to kick book writing into full gear. and somehow, this micro-flat seems up to the challenge of motivating me to do just that.

for now, nap time. “kiss them for me” playing on the telly — a bit of cary grant never hurt anyone.

and then it will be time for tea.