workshops and other homes

The act of seeing the world through a camera lens affords — and some instances demands — a slower pace of looking at and being in the world. Earlier this evening, while searching for a different photograph, I came across the following few that all struck me as instances of people looking as if they felt completely at home in the moment the photo was being taken. Their bodies seem to hold an expression of being (at peace).
(Additional details found in photo captions.)

At Portobello Market, a man sells photographs he has purchased from Sotheby's auctions and mounts them on pieces of cardboard and includes a personal of commentary and/or contextual information.

The sun beats down in this Munnar village, but this man is neither perturbed nor deterred from his mission: to sit alongside his carrots and observe.

He, too, is most relaxed in the company of books. On this day, a book fair in Bloomsbury was his opium.

She is the embodiment of joy upon seeing her friend. (Bhagavathi Temple, near Perinkulam, Palghat)

Hours passed like minutes as he brought clay and plaster to life, all with the touch of paint and a steady hand. (Venice)

What greater joy is there than this? the guitar-playing, audience-attracting, Young-Bob-Dylan look-and-sing-alike asked himself as the nice young lady took his photo. (Portobello Market)

They're coming from somewhere, or going somewhere. Perhaps crossing the border, from one side to another, in Nicosia. Theirs is an easy gait with which they navigate an occasionally heavy heart.


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1 Response to workshops and other homes

  1. Rene Rip says:

    I was there a long time ago. I remember the place as one that had a lot of artists, painters all kinds of. Very nice and busy. Thank you for remembering my past!

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