Not only does this project evoke great jubilation, it makes me wonder: What might I do for thirty days and keep it fresh, keep it from getting stale, stay excited by it? From the mundane — i.e. brushing my teeth to a new tune each time (it’s been the theme from Gilligan’s Island for nearly two decades) — to the out-of-the-ordinary — i.e. … hmm… ok, maybe just a riff on the ordinary. Something like… read an article from a different news source for 30 days; find 30 different routes home from the grocery store; locate 30 different shops for groceries; find 30 different places to read outdoors (think there might be another bench photo essay lurking behind that one…)

In any case, I’ll keep pondering. Meanwhile, enjoy this reblog of The Jump Project!

The Daily Bubble Tea

Jump [1 of 30]

Going Up [1 of 30]

In early March, I challenged myself to photograph a jump a day for thirty days. I made my challenge public to anyone who would listen and even did some brainstorming with others about possible jump locations. After a clearing up of the weather that conveniently coincided with a much needed haircut in mid-March, I was ready to begin my project. I’ve done two jump photographs prior to this series: one at Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung and one in front of some plum blossoms in Fengguidou. I also looked at a few examples of other people’s works – Jumping Project is the largest group on Flickr devoted to portraits of people jumping. Another source of inspiration was Natsumi Hayashi’s incredible levitation blog – Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary – the influence of her photographic style may be obvious in a couple of photographs in this series.

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