endless summer nights*

ok, it’s not quite summer but as the calendar approaches the solstice and the days get longer, the effect is especially glorious on this side of the atlantic. i’ll post a few pics of the very late setting sun soon, but for now just want to share the forecast for tomorrow evening’s weather:

sunny?! at 9pm! bliss, no matter however fleeting.

june really is the noon of months.


*bonus points if you were expecting an homage to one mr. marx — referring, of course, to the 1980’s pop star and not the 1880’s** philosopher.
** double bonus points if you let it slide that i took some poetic license with karl since most of his writings were published earlier than his death in 1883.
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2 Responses to endless summer nights*

  1. niy says:

    i am a little bummed bc i was expecting the homage to the 80s pop star… 🙂

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