out from refuge

The rains fell hard the past several days, allowing the sun to peek through with some regularity just this weekend. As if following in barometric symphonic succession, the muses seemed to be on strike and the familiar rhythms of lexicon and discourse fell out of tune. In short, this spell of solitude of mine appears to have cast its own spell on my abilities to communicate outside of my head; and thus, while retreating within and time for introspection and reflection bring forth ample riches and goods, the greatest consequence is also the ugliest: getting out of practice in being with the world. I experienced something similar when re-entering non-monk-like status after the Vipassana course in the fall, but unlike that stretch of inward quiet, this stretch of several days has been characterized by a desire for quiet while needing to perform in public.

A self-imposed digital hiatus and a stint in London’s villagey ‘burbs has provided much needed balm for a bruised soul, an afternoon of which was spent amidst the scenery below. Regularly scheduled blog programming that was heretofore unwittingly suspended will now resume. While the gears are turning and ideas brewing, enjoy these pics (and look closely at the first one):

Look closely

Afternoon sleep

Marmalade, the colloquial name




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3 Responses to out from refuge

  1. Subhalakshmi says:

    to go deeper and deeper to bliss of oneness is what it is all about.. the photographs are splendid.. each and every one of them, the lovely color of lavender to the peacock to the budding beautiful peonies, and the bunch of green hue of leaves or is it a flower 🙂 to the colorful wheel barrow, they show your inner joy of appreciating of in the being now..

  2. Subhalakshmi says:

    What a way to spend a day, wish I was there.. loved the pond and the strutting of the peacock so casual yet so graceful.. 🙂

  3. Subhalakshmi says:

    Now I see it, the bees, on the purple hue flowers, are they violets ?? awesome..

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