Forgetting and remembering

Another literary stumble upon this week as I walked, bleary-eyed (the result of more than a fortnight of evenings dissolving into mornings with little sleep, whilst gestating an edited volume into submittable form — 98% there — and succumbing, unwittingly, to a cold virus that is making the rounds) into Book Culture hoping for…. no, not hoping; I entered assumption-free, just seeking. And I was not disappointed. In addition to the Bishop correspondence collection, I found a book comprised of little notes and scribbles that Roland Barthes had made, apparently on a series of index cards, for two years following the death of his mother.

This sentiment of loss stood out in particular.


From: Mourning Diary: October 26, 1977-September 15, 1979 – Roland Barthes


2 thoughts on “Forgetting and remembering”

  1. The same thoughts I share when someone whom you love is no more in your life.. a part of you just can’t be found.. with every person you lose, the vacant space almost engulfs your being, until you start the process of filling that very vacant place with most fond memories.. 🙂

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