A case of the “last year, this time…”

I was fine with it, finally settling into the reality (lo, these many months later) that I am no longer on sabbatical; that I have returned to campus; that my obligations to the institution have resumed their primacy in my life… I was coping and even beginning to have moments of renewed appreciation…

And then I remembered… the LSE Lit Fest. And the yearning returned…*
(Last year’s reflections here and here.)

If you’re in or near London — yes, I’m talking to you, A. — I urge you to take in some of the scrumptious offerings (Feb 26 – Mar 2). More info here — and a description, in brief:

In 2013, from 26 February to 2 March, we will be exploring the theme Branching Out, partly in celebration of the Festival’s 5th Anniversary, traditionally marked by wood, but also in homage to the 300th anniversary of the birth of Denis Diderot, who developed the figurative system of branches of human knowledge. Key ‘branches’ that we will explore include NarrativesInnovationChanging World and Uniting the Branches of Knowledge.



*I suppose it didn’t help my reentry to learn of some inelegant, machiavellian machinations that are afoot. Limit emotional investment, a friend reminded me. That’s how we get through the day, remain relatively sane and functional, and remember to seek the art and artful.

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4 Responses to A case of the “last year, this time…”

  1. Oooh, project! Thanks – I shall have a closer look…

    • sabonseine says:

      I imagine you’d find the whole scene quite stimulating and bursting with stories — I was especially tickled by the fact that the whole thing was taking place at the LSE, which I had pigeonholed in my mind as quite the stodgy institution. But I suppose even the stodgy offer glimpses of beauty and art…

  2. drabt says:

    I think that in light of your inspiration and the machiavellian mood, what is needed is a sleepover. I will if you will

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