…leads to some strange, but tasty, combinations of flavors. here’s some of what the last week of stress-cooking* yielded:

20130209_193110 20130201_211109 20130212_123737 20130203_140255 20130204_222300

*stress-cooking: what one does to stave off stress. occasionally, stress-cooking may lead to lack of sleep, but at least there’s a tasty treat to greet you in the end.
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4 Responses to stress-cooking…

  1. Yum! I’m a stress baker. My partner knows I’ve had a tough day when finds I’ve baked a cake, a dozen cupcakes and cookies when I get home from work. He doesn’t complain though 🙂

    • sabonseine says:

      I am so glad I can’t bake — the closest I come is pseudo baked apples or whatever-fruit-i-have-on-hand “crisps” — but I’m also envious that whipping up a batch to ease chocolate chip cookie cravings is no big deal for you! May you and yours continue to enjoy.

  2. Suzy Victor says:

    That looks gooood… what is inside your taco shell or the totilla It is all so colorful.. 🙂

    • sabonseine says:

      A couple of corn tortillas in the mix there. The first are poached eggs atop herbed roasted tomato mash. Second are tortillas I fashioned into taco shells and inside is shredded Quorn cutlets, red and black bean chili, and chunky guacamole. Deeelicious!

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