The allure of a soft boiled egg

For Christmas, my ever-clever, thoughtful, and quirky mother-in-law gifted me with two beautifully painted egg cups as part of my stocking. I repacked them carefully for their transport back to the city when I returned here at the end of our winter break, and they have sat on the side of the cabinet above the sink ever since, not yet used. But each time I opened the doors, to retrieve a ceramic dish or dessert bowl or lemon juicer (reamer?), I would steal a glance at them. A longing glance… not because of any particular fondness for soft-boiled eggs, but because of the practice they signified — of having breakfast with my uncle and aunt in England, of a beautifully laid out table, of village life (with London close by).

Finally, last weekend, after reading an inordinate amount of information about the “perfect” timing and method for cooking these buggers just right, I attempted the process of preparing and consuming soft boiled eggs. My results:


Eggs and soldiers is one name for them, although I’ve never heard an actual Brit refer to them in that manner. The “soldiers” are traditionally slices of toast that have been cut into strips for easier dipping in the warm yolk (this pic makes that point). My version, as you can see, involved toasted pita strips instead of toast, but festive nonetheless. (Thank goodness I’ll be back in the land of proper tea and cress sandwiches in a few short weeks!)


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7 Responses to The allure of a soft boiled egg

  1. Suzy Victor says:

    how sweet of your MIL.. very thoughtful no doubt…..this reminds me of the eggs cups which were made of wood and painted in beautiful primary colors from Calcutta.. my mom had bought them and I got to use them some time.. they are so adorable and just pretty thing, even if you don’t use them for eggs, I am sure you will think of other uses for them.. 🙂

  2. Suzy Victor says:

    the picture is so good, I feel like eating them all over again.. 😉

  3. I LOVE eggs and toasty soldiers 😀 It is my favourite comfort food….

  4. drabt says:

    I have an egg cup that we decorated at the make your own pottery place in Richmond. It now officially has your name on it!

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