Lilies at sunset


my one for today.

and, thanks to the yahoo/flickr merger that allots each user one terabyte of storage, the totality of my photographic experimentations whilst on sabbatical have once again been restored. (at least until the system becomes yet another version of pay for play…)

Summer agenda

Since last September, the trials and tribulations of institutional academic life have applied ample psychic weight to my daily consciousness and have indeed dominated my waking (and sleeping) hours. But the spring semester has ended and June is nearly here — June… June! when I have to be finished with the last of the lingering todos on a very long and very overdue list of things I owe to other people. So, what is on the agenda for June, July, and August? In short, as little of a schedule as possible and a wish list of experiences:

  1. Try the creations at each of the Top 10 Falafel Spots in NYC (according to cityeats) — this is basically just an excuse to return, again, to Taim, which is well worth the trek down to the West Village.
  2. Go to the movies… a lot… and watch, among others:
    The Way, Way Back 
  3. Summer tv viewing: including “The Yard” (free on Hulu), “Arrested Development,” and (it might finally be time for a re-viewing of) all five seasons of “The Wire.”
  4. Taste test of lemon ricotta pancakes across the city.
  5. Thanks to E, I am now hooked on “Sherlock” — it’s the kind of show that begs a second and third viewing before the first has finished. So the two seasons’ worth will keep me occupied for at least a little while, especially as I play one of my favorite tv watching games: Guess where they are (the show is filmed in London, thus making the viewing and the gaming especially satisfactory.) And besides, who wouldn’t watch a show whose titular character is played by an actor called Benedict Cumberbatch, who could very realistically be the love child of Fred MacMurray, circa “Double Indemnity” and Dennis Quaid, circa pretty much any time.
  6. Embody and communicate a love of anything as much as Bobby McFerrin does here:

    or as Leonard Bernstein does here:
  7. Walk and walk and walk with no destination in mind, including in and out of the corners of Philadelphia, through the Sheffield Peak District, and along the Thames for as long as my legs will lead me.
  8. A photo a day for the summer (or as close to it as I can come). Here’s one I took in Central Park a couple of weeks ago:

    The not to secret Cherry Blossom walk near the Reservoir
  9. And my real summer reading list
American Born Chinese by Gene Yang
Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block
Witness by Karen Hesse
Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolf

Gladly willing to accept any and all company who want to go along for the ride.

Do, let’s

Hello dear reader,

I could blame my lack of writing recently on the virtual piles of charts and tables awaiting my attention, or the real piles of folders full of paper, paper, paper covering every inch of my office… but the truth is during the past week all of my attention, especially in the wee hours when I should be sleeping, has been consumed by a marvelous bit of British comedy in the form of the program “As Time Goes By.”

Just a few of the reasons to watch:

  • Seeing Judi Dench playing a role about as far from M as possible.
  • Phrases like “Oh, I’m just having a moan” to mean, basically, “I’m just whining,” or “Why don’t you have a lie down” to suggest someone takes a nap.
  • Geoffrey Palmer’s inimitable deadpan delivery as Lionel.
  • The Brits’ impression of Americans and American culture.
  • Liberal use of trays to transport tea service to the living room.
  • The highly difficult line that is subtle sarcasm — not hit you over head ha-has.
  • Unabashed adoration of custard tarts.-
  • “Don’t let’s…” and “Do let’s…”
  • Smirks.
  • Characters who walk and walk and walk as everyday practice.
  • A character named Lol.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself…

The pilot episode

And the “having a moan” bit [from 0:37 – 3:43]

Good thing the semester is over — more time for the serious work of tv marathons and marathon walks.