Do, let’s

Hello dear reader,

I could blame my lack of writing recently on the virtual piles of charts and tables awaiting my attention, or the real piles of folders full of paper, paper, paper covering every inch of my office… but the truth is during the past week all of my attention, especially in the wee hours when I should be sleeping, has been consumed by a marvelous bit of British comedy in the form of the program “As Time Goes By.”

Just a few of the reasons to watch:

  • Seeing Judi Dench playing a role about as far from M as possible.
  • Phrases like “Oh, I’m just having a moan” to mean, basically, “I’m just whining,” or “Why don’t you have a lie down” to suggest someone takes a nap.
  • Geoffrey Palmer’s inimitable deadpan delivery as Lionel.
  • The Brits’ impression of Americans and American culture.
  • Liberal use of trays to transport tea service to the living room.
  • The highly difficult line that is subtle sarcasm — not hit you over head ha-has.
  • Unabashed adoration of custard tarts.-
  • “Don’t let’s…” and “Do let’s…”
  • Smirks.
  • Characters who walk and walk and walk as everyday practice.
  • A character named Lol.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself…

The pilot episode

And the “having a moan” bit [from 0:37 – 3:43]

Good thing the semester is over — more time for the serious work of tv marathons and marathon walks.


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