the aspirational todo list — todo calendar to be precise — is chock full. but this is a collection of what i can really get done. really.

  • grow herbs. ok, just 2. i hear basil is hearty. and rosemary? *update: have successfully kept basil alive for three days!*
  • and keep them alive. for at least a month. (remember, these have to be DOable for yours truly)
  • find 3 new uses for quinoa (because i have tons in my cupboards and i just don’t like the stuff! facial mask? update: thanks to my dear crafty friend, i have conquered my fear of this grain.)
  • brush up my francais so my stroll along the seine will not be jumble of linguistic fumbles
  • finally watch ‘the prime of miss jean brodie’ — that’s been sitting in its netflix envelope on my coffee table for over 6 weeks! already done! that’s the kind of todo item i like 🙂
  • per lb: read. nap. drink wine. stroll. repeat. — yes, ma’am!

have other ideas for doable todos? send ‘em my way!

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