movies, films, docs, shorts to view during lo these precious twelve months*

  • Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • Summer Hours
  • Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
  • Paris (b/c who isn’t enticed to watch a film with such a title and the promise of Juliette Binoche?)
  • Breakfast on Pluto (it’s been a few years since I’ve seen this and I’m overdue for another screening)
  • Breathless
  • Blame it on Fidel (discovered this a few months ago and already worth a re-view)
  • La Graine et Le Mulet/The Secret of the Grain (recommended to me by a friend; first viewing felt like a sucker punch. I eagerly anticipate the re-viewing with an odd mix of excitement and anxiety)
  • A Summer in Genoa (a little Colin Firth goes a long way) — i was right: bellissima! with a touch of melancholia.
  • The Double Life of Veronique (another friend rec; the trailer is hauntingly inviting)
  • Run, Lola, Run!
  • Sliding Doors (at least once a year)
  • City of God (a desire to re-view brought on by my reading of The Hunger Games, no doubt)
  • The Hedgehog (in part because the book is intriguing and in part because une femme dans ma classe de francais il a recommande parce que les personnages dans le film parlent lentement)
  • Patience (After Sebald) — three time… so far…

*this list does not include the long list of education/school related flicks that a group of us generated following a rousing late night happy hour.  for that list, click here

films and movies i’ve managed to catch on the big screen:

  • les noms de gens (incroyable…)
  • beginners (a few musings about it here)
  • midnight in paris (perhaps owen wilson should always only appear in woody allen films. some things, like neuroses wants and neurotic ways, are meant to be together)
  • harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2 (a right proper end)
  • le havre
  • kid with a bike
  • the artist
  • shame
  • certified copy
  • queen to play

a list of flix seen on the tiny screen a la in-flight viewing:

  • bridesmaids (worth almost all the hype it got)
  • dirty harry (can never go wrong with harry)
  • x-men: first class (ah, michael fassbender…)
  • something borrowed (please don’t ask)
  • the social network (i was poised to dislike it because the news narratives bored me. damn you, aaron sorkin.)
  • water for elephants (surprising, and nice to see robert pattinson with a human patina)

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