the edu/school flix list

in no particular order and without rhyme or reason:

Mean Girls
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
American Graffiti
The Class
Fast times at Ridgemont High
High School Musical
Lean on Me
Bad Education
Dazed & Confused
Battle Royale: Director’s Cut
Easy A
Napoleon Dynamite
Au revoir les enfants
Mr Holland’s Opus
An Education
School of Rock
Sixteen Candles
Dangerous Minds
The Breakfast Club
To Be and to Have
To Sir, With Love
Blackboard Jungle
Up the down Staircase
Stand and Deliver
Educating Rita
History Boys
To Be and to Have
Freedom Writers
Lean on Me
Center Stage
Karate Kid
Dead Poet’s Society
Stanley & Iris
Norma Rae
The Addiction
The Matrix
Music of the Heart
Antoine Fisher
Sister Act II
Hard Ball

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