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It’s too hot

This was about to turn into a rant about heat, humidity, and the horribly oppressive weather the east coast has been suffering for the past several days… But instead, I’ll just share a few pics from the weeks I spent … Continue reading

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Friends, I have done my stress-cooking for the night — and consumed the goods much too quickly for there to be photographic evidence. I have moved on, in my nocturnal navigations, to completing my House of Cards mini-bender whilst delaying … Continue reading

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When I’m 62…

…I want to be able to rock as hard as Ann Wilson does in this Heart tribute to Led Zeppelin. She literally brings Robert Plant to tears. It’s that good. From this year’s Kennedy Center Honors.

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this world in which we live

Rather than attempt any written response to the events and aftermath unfolding from the dark day in Connecticut, I’m choosing instead to share a few new finds on the order of the art in children’s books and the worlds they … Continue reading

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shifting materiality of the “work week”

This week, teaching meant being a student — returning to joyfulness, to receiving without the expectation of giving (in the familiar and staid ways), to sharing vulnerabilities through silence and observation, to giving oneself over to the unexpected shapes or … Continue reading

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Speed bumps remind us to slow down

My office should be declared an archaeological dig site. I have spent the better part of two hours doing nothing but excavating, occasionally — ok, frequently dusting off folders, books, questionable objects that have not been used or moved in … Continue reading

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the possibility of what can be seen

If photography is about seeing and showing, then could photo editing have something to do with the possibility of showing and what is seen? I’m not talking about the endless scandals of hazardous photoshopping in which a model’s ribs, hips, … Continue reading

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piano play

This photo essay by Christopher Payne blew me away. His photographs tell the story of Steinway pianos being made by hand over the course of a year. Upon discovery I immediately made a mental note to share it here in honor … Continue reading

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HONY 2 – more humans, more new york

Two of my recent faves to whet your appetite. (These photos are part of the Humans Of New York Project, described here.)

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Humans of New York

Photographic projects are everywhere. Camera ready mobile-everytechs make this readily possible and the internet is a veritable photographic wonderland. And so while it’s easy to be moved and awed and wowed by a particular image or angle or composition or subject matter, these moments seem episodic rather than systemic.

Recently I encountered, yet again through Twitter, a photography-based project that made me smile just a bit wider with each shot I saw. The photographs are not spectacles of light play or exemplars of white-balance technique or the rule of thirds. Quite simply, they are part of an impressive collection of portraits of people in New York City being people in New York City. The photographer is Brandon Stanton, a former trader and just a guy who is on a mission to create a photographic census of the city. (Read more on his website.)

Two things captivate me about this project:

1. Brandon appraoches people and takes their photos with their blessing. Often they pose and thus they, too, are helping to compose the image. He is not the surreptitious photographer; he is the everyday, citizen picture-maker.

2. Each photo, with its brief yet full (of narrative and human possibliities) captions, invite curiosity about the many stories to which it is connected — not just the stories of the photos, but the stories behind the stories of the photos.

My recent readings, in addition to taking me through intricate cityscapes, have also brought me deeper into philosophically-oriented readings on hospitality, cosmopolitanism, and personhood and running throughout these texts is a shared commitment to appreciating and understanding while also nurturing the human condition. I can’t say for certain whether or not this ex-trader has read these texts or is actively pursuing a philosophical agenda to heal our wounded human souls, but in the way he is bringing the lives of the strangers he photographs together with the strangers who visit his photographs it seems to me that he is enacting a bit of cosmopolitan-minded knowing of self and other with each photo he takes, with each post he makes.

This stranger thanks him. Check out his sites — the tumblr and original site (and the other social media outlets) — and you will, too.

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cities and books and a few more looks

The concept of “stumbling-upon” is ever alive and well. Most recently, while visiting the author Teju Cole’s facebook page to locate a link to one of his recent audio interviews (in which he talks about his latest small fates project … Continue reading

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an art walk of sorts

In between shifting geographies — and the rituals of settling and resettling, unpacking and packing, taking inventory and organizing — I find the act of revisiting photographs to open up a soothing, even therapeutic space. The eye focuses on different … Continue reading

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The City from the Child’s Eye View


“Children see beauty in things we no longer notice.”

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framing the artist

There’s little I can say that hasn’t already been said about the film “The Artist.” Prior to seeing it, I had read very little about it and had read almost none of the available reviews — just a feeling I … Continue reading

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Is this perhaps the nudge I need to pick up brushes and some paint again? If for no other reason, then I should do it to demonstrate what a person who has no idea what she’s doing does when she … Continue reading

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